Important Terms That Every Model Should Be Familiar With

Any ambitious archetypal has a charge or albatross to apperceive and be accustomed with the circadian agreement and Jargons of the industry.


This refers to the archetypal bureau you accept active up for. Clay agencies are amenable for their model’s safety, all-embracing job experience, transaction and every added aspect of their job.


They are aswell accepted as archetypal managers and are the capital point of acquaintance for models and clients. Bookers accept an important albatross of accepting clients, selecting the appropriate models and amount of transaction for anniversary job. They aswell accept to acquaint accordant models of job opportunities and every added accordant detail.

Casting Call

Casting calls are altered from bureau interviews, and specific to audience and the jobs you are applying for as a model. Bureau interviews ask accepted questions and wish to acquisition out added about you as being and to see what blazon of clay job would clothing you best as a model. Casting alarm met out specific requirements requested by clients, such as specific age, ethnicity, gender that abeyant audience are expecting.


Client refers to the being or alignment that seeks a clay bureau to appoint models for their specific activity or job need. In accepted there are 2 categories, bartering and appearance clients. Bartering projects, such as television commercials or book advertisements charge humans of assorted types and a lot of models are acceptable for these jobs. Another is fashion, whereby audience are usually from editorials, aerodrome clay etcetera.

Comp card

Short for blended agenda is a business agenda for models that is accustomed to audience as well. It contains headshots on the front, and physique shots on the aback of the agenda usually. It aswell contains a model’s basic statistics.

Close-up shot

Another appellation for headshot or account photo area the model’s close and face are focused aloft in the photo (can sometimes cover shoulders). Facial appearance and affecting expressions appropriately yield top accent in these shots.


Contains atone card, analysis shoots, added activity photos and all the important data and advice about a model. If a applicant is absorbed in a model, a portfolio of that archetypal is presented to the applicant for their consideration.


Sometimes accepted as a Scouting agent, is the being who is amenable for award and alluring new and abeyant models into the agency. They go to city-limits centers and added top contour contest such as bank parties to seek for talent, and action them opportunities to accompany the agency. Scouters are accomplished to be acquainted of the industry needs and are appropriate to be able in their assurance with the public.

Vital Statistics

These are important numbers that announce what class of clay you will accord to. This helps attenuated down and abode you in jobs that clothing your physique type. The 3 numbers that abide of your basic stats are the bust, waist and hip size.

With the aloft important terms, we achievement that you will be able to use this ability finer to acquaint bigger as a model.

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